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Captain Thomas Harris[1,2]

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Birth  10 Jun 1586  of Crixe, Essex, England 
Sex  Male 
Died  30 Mar 1658  Henrico County, Virginia 
Person ID  I06318  Default Tree 
Last Modified  21 Aug 2005 
Father  Sir William Harris, b. 1556, Crixe, Kent, England 
Mother  Alice Smith, b. 1556, Weston Hanger, Kent, England 
Group Sheet  F0708  Default Tree 
Family 1  Adria Gurganey, b. Abt 1586, of Crixee, Essex, England 
Married  1611  England 
 1. Major Robert Harris, b. Abt 1615, York County, Virginia
Group Sheet  F0702  Default Tree 
  • SOURCE: Stephen M. Lawson [steve/@/]; 2 OCT 1998.
    Harris Ancestry in England -

    Some sources wrongly name Capt. Thomas HARRIS of Henrico Co., VA as the son of Sir William HARRIS of Crixse, Essex, England, thus providing a royal ancestry to the
    descentdants of Capt. Thomas HARRIS through both Sir William HARRIS and his wife Alice SMITH, daughter of Sir Thomas SMITH. While attempting to verify the lineage, especially as provided in Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, Volume II, compiled by Aileen Lewers Langston and J. Orton Buck, Jr. from the records of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America (Baltimore: 1974), pages 156-58, some questions arose concerning the link from Capt. Thomas HARRIS to Sir William HARRIS. Betty M. Harris advised that a will exists that disproves this link, and Franceine Perry Rees provided the following details: Thomas Harris' will, dated 1616, was probated in 1617 in the Court of Bishops of London, ref. # D/ABW 20/299. The will is now at the Chelmsford, Essex, Record Office. A transcription of it is available in a very limited edition compilation of Harris data by Helen Harris Ott deposited in the NSDAR Library in Washington, D.C. In this will, Sir William Harris' son Thomas identifies himself as "Thomas Harris of Creeksea in County of Essex, gentleman," and makes bequests to the Parish of Creeksea, to my loving brother, Sir Arthur Harris - Knight, my brothers William and John Harris, my sisters Mary Brown, Frances Harris and Elizabeth Harris, the sisters of Giles Brown, my loving cousin Mr. Edward Harris, my friend Mr. Gregory, servants, etc. He appoints his brother-in-law Giles Brown his executor and signs himself Thomas Herris.

    The Harris Family in America -

    Basic data and relationships in the first four generations in America is from a 1983 geneagraph by Kathryn Wiggins, published in The Harris Papers, by Kathryn Wiggins (Camarillo, CA, 1985). The bulk of the HARRIS family information is from various published Virginia genealogies and records compilations. Much of the data for the family of Richard HARRIS (d. before May 1787) is from Thrice Three Times Told Tales, by the late Mary W. S. Soper (Winchester, TN: 1979), and is confirmed by and included in the privately published Neeley Notes, by the late Hazel Gibson JONES (Lubbock, TX: about 1993). However, Mrs. SOPER concluded that the said Richard HARRIS was the son of John HARRIS and Ann WHITE, and Mrs. JONES followed a different line from the said Richard HARRIS to the immigrant Capt. Thomas HARRIS (d. 1658). Specifically, the line suggested by Mrs. JONES is Richard, Robert and Elizabeth (TURNER), Robert and Mary (CLAIBORNE) RICE, Capt. Thomas HARRIS. Any substantive evidence on the parents and grandparents of Richard HARRIS, father of Mary (HARRIS) NEELY, would be welcome. Capt. Thomas and Joane Harris. Thomas HARRIS - b. about 1586, England; d. 1658, Henrico Co., VA. His parents have not been identified.

    *Reportedly a member of the Virginia Company in 1609, he arrived in America 1611 aboard the Prosperous, and settled in Henrico Co., VA.

    *He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1623, 1639 and 1646.

    *A deed for 820 acres in Henrico Co., VA on Feb. 25, 1638 names the "first wife" of Capt. Thomas HARRIS as Adry HARRIS.

    *Married first Adria GURGANY (b. about 1598; d. by Sep. 11, 1626), the daughter of Edward GURGANY, Sr. and Ann. Ann GURGANEY is named as the widow of Edward in a deed of 700 acres in Henrico Co., VA on Jul. 11, 1637, in which 400 of the said acres are said to have been granted to Edward GURGANY in 1617 and bequeathed by his widow to Capt. Thomas HARRIS. Edward arrived in America aboard the Phoenix on Apr. 20, 1608, and was a Burgess in 1619.

    * Thomas married second probably about 1624 Joane, who is named as the wife of Thomas HARRIS in a deed for 750 acres in Henrico Co., VA recorded Nov. 11, 1635.

    Joane - There are considerable differences in accounts of the death of the first wife of Capt. Thomas HARRIS and of his second marriage.

    Tentatively, this narrative follows the claims that his second wife was married about 1624/5 and was the sister of his first wife. However, some sources state that Joane was the daughter of Lt. Col. Thomas OSBORNE, a 1611 immigrant to VA. There is also a question as to whether Mary, daughter of Capt. Thomas HARRIS, was of his first or second marriage. This narrative follows the approved lineages of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, and found in Volume II of Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants (Baltimore 1974) for Maj. Robert HARRIS and for Mary (HARRIS) LIGON. It seems likely, though unproved, that son Maj. William HARISS was born to the second marriage.
Sources  1. [S062128]   Gedcom File of Lawson, Stephen M. [steve/@/], (2 OCT 1998)
2. [S054503]   Gedcom File of Manning, Harris Robert M. III, Gainesville, Florida [DartBob/@/], (21 FEB 1999)
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